A San Francisco Motorcycle Club and More

Piston & Chain is a motorcycle club with members coming in to talk shop, use community tools, buy and sell motorcycles and gather in the evenings for guest speakers or special events.
We favor all sorts of motorcycles, but have a soft spot for classic bikes of the 70’s as well as Adventure and dirt bikes. Anyone may join or visit our club. 
Piston & Chain is also a retailer - open to the public - with curated products, endorsed by club members for the San Francisco motorcycle lifestyle.


Come in and check us out!



1285 Folsom St. @9th

San Francisco, CA 94103

415 621 3000


Retail Hours: 12-6 PM Tuesday-Saturday
Club Hours: 6PM-9PM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Noon-6PM Saturday & Sunday
Corporate Off-Sites & Private Events, please contact events@pistonandchain.com


Piston & Chain Group Ride Etiquette

April 10, 2014

1 Brief everyone on the ride and route before starting out.2 Arrive with a full gas tank, having already used bathroom.3 Appoint a lead rider4 Appoint a sweeper (last rider)5 Pick a couple gather points on the ride to count noses6 Know the route in case you get separated7 Pick and share one phone number for texting in case of, well, anything8 Ride at your own comfortable pace. Group rides can often push people beyond their skills. Don't get caught up in keeping up.9 See #8. Seriously.10 When making a turn off of any given road, stop and wait until the next person sees you. Rinse and repeat. This way the group can keep moving without losing anyone in the...

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Lew's blog about our friend Bill Beckwith:

December 04, 2013

How I met Bill and how he changed my life and showed me how to live.Bill was always the blogger…the picture taker. He was great story teller, perhaps it was because he always made sure he had great stories to tell. His blogs and his stories inspired people. I am not a great story teller, or writer and I can't own a room like Bill could. However, I think I owe Bill a blog. This blog is about how, in the short time I knew him, Bill impacted my life. How I met BillBill was a charmer, he was always happy and knew how to make people feel comfortable. When I was just starting out learning how to ride in the dirt...

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Enjoy Esurance video piece about Matt and P&C

November 14, 2013

Many thanks to Bret, for pulling this all together, and Alchemy Creative, for telling a story so artfully.   http://www.esurance.com/whyiride

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Apparently, track days are great fun...at any age!!

October 19, 2013

Great day out on the Buttonwillow track on a mini-bike - and the cutest smile to prove it!

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